• MOTIVATE: Personal Training are available to support the amateur, professional and Wheelchair members with guidance and direction to maximize athletic performance.
  • INNOVATE: Sponsorship programs are available for competitive bodybuilders. MBG actively seek sponsors such as GMC and ProSports, to support our members in competition so that the bodybuilder can focus entirely on preparing and winning the competition. A posing room to practice and prepare for competition.
  • EDUCATE: Our nutrition program which was designed by a Certified Nutritional Consultant is there to assist our members in achieving their healthy eating and lifestyle choices to maintain and gain the correct muscle mass to succeed in competitions.


With this in mind, our focus will position MBG to be amongst the leaders in the industry both in the national and international markets. Our services sets us apart from the competition. Our services will assist our members in achieving their immediate and long-term personal and professional goals. our services are tri-fold, they motivate, innovate and educate.