About Us

MBG values guide the service and actions of all staff members and are critical to our success. As a corporation and as individuals, we believe our core values are:
  • We are committed to helping our members achieve their fitness and competitive goal
  • We operate in a spirit in excellence in our business dealings, partnerships, members and employees
  • We acknowledge and celebrate individual and company achievements
  • We accept diversity and believe in community building
  • We listen to and respond to the needs of our members
  • We are passionate about enhancing  and empowering the lives of our members
  • We promote, an environment of mutual respect, team spirit and strong leadership




Julian J. Vasquez

Julian has over 20 years in the fitness industry both as competitor and trainer. Julian competed in several body-building competitions over his career, specifically South California Bodybuilding and Western America body building competitions, just to name a couple. Julian has trained a number bodybuilders helping them to achieve their competitive goals.